Scrambled eggs with shallots, tomatoes, mushrooms, thyme and cheese

Ooooh, I just made a delicious breakfast for myself. Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've made eggs. This was sort of a "kitchen sink" attempt at making them b/c I just threw everything I had in the fridge into them. Since I was just cooking for myself, I didn't make much of a dent with the leftovers we have in our refrigerator, but it was GOOD. I first sprayed pam and a little bit of "I can't believe it's not butter" into the skillet, diced up a tiny bit of shallot, threw in one finely diced mushroom along with two grape tomatoes (seasoned with S&P) and then three egg whites. (seasoned a tiny bit more with just salt) When the eggs were about 3/4 of the way done, I stirred in a little bit of fresh thyme until fragrant and then dotted the top with laughing cow's "french onion" cheese and scrambled the eggs some more until they looked done. Then voila, my masterpiece was finished. It was the perfect consistency-not too dry or runny. Next time though I will take the seeds out of the tomatoes to ensure the eggs will not be runny. I then finished off the meal with a fuyu persimmon. It was a yummy, quick, balanced, and healthy breakfast. Such a big change from the normal cereal I have for breakfast. I was a happy girl :) It's amazing what brings a smile to my face