This weekend was my favorite niece's second birthday. To celebrate, white man made his family's famous seafood gumbo. You may remember him from this post. I've been looking for a gumbo recipe to try but after eating his, the search is officially over. This gumbo was LEGIT. It was soooo good that for this post, and this post only, will I refer to him as GENIUS WHITE MAN. I'm even writing it in CAPS to emphasize the yummyness behind this dish AND maybe because he gave me the recipe.

The recipe itself is not that difficult however making the roux was quite a daunting task. I was tired from just watching him. You're literally stirring the roux non-stop for about thirty minutes until you achieve that dark brown color gumbo is known for. If you think risotto is difficult, do not attempt to make a roux. However if you do decide to make gumbo, this step must not be skipped since it gives the dish such a deep rich flavor that takes your taste buds to an entirely new level. Since this is his family recipe, I am sworn to secrecy and cannot share it with all of you but must hoard it all for myself. Who knew it would be such a benefit to have a Texan round eye for an in-law. Thanks GENIUS WHITE MAN :)