Holy NUM NUM!! I LUV IT when I get to do the happy dance. I know you've all had tiramisu at a restaurant before, but for some reason it tastes soooo much better when you make it at home - perhaps it's the self gratification that's involved? But holy mackerel, this was DIVINE! Capital D with an exclamation point, divine! I knew from the second I started licking that whisk it was going to be GOOD. What, like you don't do that?! If you don't, then you definitely should.

Some of the ingredients may be hard to find - but suck it up and gitter dun because it is sooooo worth it. I would plan on making this a day in advance so all the flavors can get better acquainted over night. It's an easy dessert that travels well and comes together fast with a huge pay off. Words cannot describe.....it is just juan-derful ^_^

Tonight we had a Pasta Throwdown with our usual peeps. The amount of food we consumed over dinner was pretty ridiculous. We started off with a fabulous and refreshing watermelon an arugula salad made my token's wifey, along with the fisherman wife's tasty carrot cake muffins. I will be stealing the recipe and blog about it soon. Next up was the pasta throwdown! Well, I guess it wasn't really a throwdown but more like a nice shared meal amongst friends. It wasn't as intense as last time - there was no trash talking involved, probably since I didn't participate, but I digress. Anyway, on to the carb overload. Lobster made Shrimp Scampi with a lemon basil cream sauce and the Fisherman made homemade ravioli filled with butternut squash in a brown butter sauce with fried sage. Both were extremely delicious and sent us into a food coma as we rolled ourselves home that night.

Since I did not partake in the festivities, I thought this tiramisu would be a great addition for our Italian themed dinner. Sugary buttery ladyfingers soaked in coffee and kahlua, smothered in sweet mascarpone cheese sprinkled with cocoa...oh...my...gashee. I'm making my mouth water just writing about it. Strategically, I'm writing this post to distract myself from diving into the tiramisu - which is anxiously awaiting to fulfill it's yummy destiny in mah belly. Pleeeease make this, it will make you do the happy dance. And for those of you who don't know or have a happy dance - don't worry, you'll quickly find your groove after one bite of this heavenly dessert.

From Cook's Illustrated
Serves 6 to 8

1 1/4 cups strong black coffee , room temperature (I used Dunkin' Donuts coffee)
3/4 tablespoons instant espresso powder or 1 ½ tbs instant coffee
3 tablespoons dark rum (I used Kahlua instead)
3 large egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon table salt
12 oz mascarpone cheese (cold)
1/3 cup heavy cream (cold)
7 ounces ladyfingers (I used 24) - use hard ones not soft
2 tablespoons cocoa , preferably Dutch-processed (Ghirardelli Ground Chocolate and Cocoa)
2 tablespoons semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, grated (optional)

Stir coffee, espresso, and 1 tablespoons rum in wide bowl or baking dish until espresso dissolves; set aside. (if you want a stronger alcohol taste, use 3 tbs)

In bowl of standing mixer fitted with whisk attachment, beat yolks at low speed until just combined. Add sugar and salt and beat at medium-high speed until pale yellow, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, scraping down bowl with rubber spatula once or twice. Add remaining 2 tablespoons rum and beat at medium speed until just combined, 20 to 30 seconds; scrape bowl. Add mascarpone and beat at medium speed until no lumps remain, 30 to 45 seconds, scraping down bowl once or twice. Transfer mixture to large bowl and set aside.

In now-empty mixer bowl (no need to clean bowl), beat cream at medium speed until frothy, 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Increase speed to high and continue to beat until cream holds stiff peaks, 1 to 1 1/2 minutes longer. Using rubber spatula, fold one-third of whipped cream into mascarpone mixture to lighten, then gently fold in remaining whipped cream until no white streaks remain. Set mascarpone mixture aside.

Working one at a time, drop half of ladyfingers into coffee mixture, roll, remove, and transfer to 8 by 8-inch glass or ceramic baking dish. (Do not submerge ladyfingers in coffee mixture; entire process should take no longer than 2 to 3 seconds for each cookie.) Arrange soaked cookies in single layer in baking dish, breaking or trimming ladyfingers as needed to fit neatly into dish.

Spread half of mascarpone mixture over ladyfingers; use rubber spatula to spread mixture to sides and into corners of dish and smooth surface. Place 1 tablespoons cocoa in fine-mesh strainer and dust cocoa over mascarpone until you can no longer see the mascarpone. Repeat dipping and arrangement of ladyfingers; spread remaining mascarpone mixture over ladyfingers and dust with remaining 1 tablespoons cocoa.

Wipe edges of dish with dry paper towel. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 6 to 24 hours. Sprinkle with grated chocolate, if using; cut into pieces and serve chilled.

*You can also make individual servings in dessert cups. I found some at Cost Plus World Market


Simply Life said...

oh wow! that looks amazing!

NuM NuM said...

Thanks Simply life! You must try it. It's easy peasy and sooo good

Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness!... This looks unbelievably delicious!'
I'm keeping the recipe!
Hugs from my kitchen in Norway!

NuM NuM said...

Thanks Cynthia. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did

Avril said...

My goodness what a gorgeous Tiramisu you made!!!! - very impressed....and yes, my mouth is watering at this very moment!

Gorgeous food on your blog! How fun to come across it. :-)

NuM NuM said...

Thanks so much Avril! Hope it makes you do the happy dance too

Unknown said...

Lovely blog, glad to follow and read more

UCLalicia said...

This was delicious!! :)
I think that I could have ate the whole thing by myself.
Thanks NuM NuM!

NuM NuM said...

I know I had some more tonight! That and the muffins. Notice I took the whole thing home myself. Mi ahn :) Haha thanks num.

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Reeni said...

What a scrumptious looking tiramisu! And I love that you have throwdowns with your friends - how fun! I wish I had some friends who liked to cook.

Medifast Coupons said...

Very decadent! Homemade way better than any restaurant!

Alice said...

Beautiful recipe. I love Tiramisu and it's a pleasure to discover your blog.