Porterhouse Steaks

nummm...please wipe the drool from your chin.

This weekend lobster's sister and hubby are in town from Texas. It was so nice spending time with them and reminiscing about the old days. Lobster's sister is married to a TRUE southern Texas cowboy. Imagine a big hat, cowboy boots, and a big southern drawl to boot...haha...I kid. But he being a southern texan and me in his eyes being a Korean F.O.B., there is much banter that goes back and forth. "Round eye, almond eye, kim chee lover, white man." :) It's all out of love. He's my favorite brother-in-law, he's also my only brother-in-law but that doesn't matter. As much as we banter back and forth, the one thing I can't make fun of is his barbecuing skillz. He even enters barbecue cook-offs, he's that good.

I think the first time I ever really had American ribs were from him and they were damn GOOD! I'm so glad lobster's sister married this non-yellow man b/c he was the one who originally taught lobster how to cook his famous ribs. So, as you can imagine we put him to work this weekend and indulged in some kick-ass glutinous eating. We ate these gargantuan porterhouse steaks along with some grilled asparagus and they were num num. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post his secret recipe but I'll let you gawk at the photo instead. Tomorrow we're having some smoked ribs on lobster's egg and I'm going to make an apple tarte tatin that I've been eyeing for awhile. Can't wait!